Foglifter Magazine: “Self-Portrait During Sex While the Neighbor Dies” and “In the Aviary”



Salamander Magazine: “A Study in Lavender” and “The Sky in Purple Robes” Print

Washington Square Review, Issue 44: “Self-Portrait with Antipsychotics” Print

LIT Magazine: “Bartering Day after Diagnosis”

Muzzle Magazine: “Self-Portrait with Mirror and History Book” and “Intruder”

Frontier Poetry: “Prophecy from the Oracle of Self-Harm”

Columbia Journal Online: “Self-Portrait in Winter”

Third Point Press: “Self-Portrait as Odysseus” and “Paean to a Statue of Headless Athena”

Hobart Pulp: “Untitled” and “Reverse Invocation

Nimrod International, Vol. 61 No. 2Francine Ringold Prize for New Poets Finalist: “Two States of Mind in Me” Print

Mojo Online Literary Journal: “Ode to Callon”

River Styx, Issue 99: “Medusa in the Garden” Print



Hot Metal Bridge Issue 24 “Portrait on the Coroner’s Table”


Pennsylvania Public Poetry Project: “Prayer to Lady Lazarus”


Sententiae Antiquae: “The Trial and Consciousness of Callon”